Artisans Gallery
Located on Bridge Street in Waitsfield Vermont. Great crafts. . . great folks!

Ashes and Snow
Amazing images.

Bryan Memorial Art Gallery
Visit Vermont's most dynamic gallery for the exhibition of the finest landscape painters in New England. Jeffersonville,Vermont has been an inspirational home to American landscape painters for over 100 years. Generations of artists have found their way to this mountain community, and continue to paint here to this day.

Erickson Fine Art Photography

Mc Clamp
This item is so superior to any of the other similar items out there that claim to "hold" flowers, reflectors, etc. The neoprene micro clamp doesn't destroy stems! Only another photogapher would have thought of that! Indispensable to your gadget bag!

On line photography directory

The Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals
The unique mission of the Foundation for Photo/Art in Hospitals is to place large, framed photographs of nature and beautiful places from around the world in hospitals to give comfort and hope to patients and their families, visitors, and caregivers

Zeno Mountain Farm
Great camp in Lincoln, Vermont for those with and without disabilities.


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